Collaroy Plateau Public School

Striving for Excellence

Telephone02 9971 5214

About our school

Collaroy Plateau Public School is situated at the heart of the Northern Beaches District with views over both the city and beaches.

The school was established in 1954 and since then has remained dedicated to its local community. Seventy percent of our students live within walking distance. The school provides both a fine educational facility and safe playing area. This year a new Out of School Hours Centre was successfully established on site. Students, staff, parents and community work together in a happy, caring environment. This environment encourages individuals to reach their full intellectual, emotional, physical and social potential by providing quality education.

The school aims to help students develop: high standards of academic excellence commensurate with each student's abilities and aptitudes; positive participation in all KLA's; a love of learning; greater independence in learning with growing maturity; high moral standards of conduct both personal and social based on a sound set of values which promotes a sense of responsibility and respect for the rights of others; a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction from learning.

School Hours9:10am to 3:10pm